My Mother

One area of writing that I’m completely unsure of and just getting my feet wet in is poetry. I dabbled a bit in a previous course I have taken and decided to take one dedicated to the art this semester. This is one from an assignment I just handed in. It’s about one of the most important and loved people to be in my life.

My Mother

We butted heads like the round horned rams on the mountainside

Each so stubborn, so intent to push each other to the long fall

Not paying heed to the cost

Not only to each other but to ourselves


We didn’t fight like cats and dogs

No, that was too complacent

We fought like wolves and lions

Going for the jugular, intent on ultimate destruction


I learned too late my folly

There was no need to devour each other

We only needed to realize

We were the rams, the wolves, the lions

Each the same as the other


Time slips through the hourglass in unequal measure

All those years spent at each other’s throats an eternity

While our time as friends fleeting like a butterfly


I wish I had the chance to detail my revelation

But I learned it too late

You are gone but never to be forgotten

My mother, my nemesis, my best friend

I will love you always

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