Snow Day

This is the third time this year Mohawk College has been closed due to the weather. I don’t think we’ve actually had any during the last few winters so we are definitely making up for it in 2019. Sure, commuting over an hour each way I have had days when I’ve taken my own. Luckily I have a job that, in a pinch, I can work from home.

I actually find I’m more productive at home. No meetings, no interruptions and with most people taking the day off, a lot fewer emails. Besides, the coffee is better, I can smoke at my desk and I have two fur-balls that love sitting on my lap when I work. OK, so it’s not so great when they’re fighting for that right, but you have to take the good with the bad.

I’ve spent the morning alternating from work and playing on the net. That’s one downside of working at home. I find it’s much easier for me to come down with a case of “oooh, look, shiny!” when I’m sitting comfy in my leather, high backed executive chair in a pair of warm, baggy sweats with a purring lump in my lap than when I’m dressed for work, sitting in my cubicle with the background drone of a busy office behind me.

That being said, something that I can do in five minutes at home usually takes 10 times the amount of time at the office, just because of all the distractions and interruptions.

But, there has been this one thing nagging at me this morning. Like an itch deep in the brain that won’t go away. This little voice inside my head has been whispering a word to me. Each passing hour it gets louder and more insistent until I just can’t ignore it any longer.

It’s now yelling at me to “Write!!!” and I think I will.

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