I’m sick of being sick

I know I haven’t been posting much the last little while but I do have a good reason. I’ve had the flu for the past 3 weeks.

The flu is so much worse than a cold. I get them rarely, the last time was almost 10 years ago, that between times you forget how bad they can get. Not only do you have the normal symptoms of a cold but along with it comes fever, chills, body aches, etc. Of course, as per my luck, I came down with it the second day into my vacation. Luckily it was a stay-cation so at least I didn’t waste money on a trip.

The first week was horrible. I felt like I was dying, or at least wanted to be put out of my misery. Every muscle and joint just screamed bloody murder. The second week was a little better, at least the fever had broke and the aches and pains had settled to a more tolerable existence. By the middle of the third week it ramped back up again. This time settling into my chest with crushing coughing spasms that wouldn’t let up. There were a few times where I actually got scared as the coughing was so bad I couldn’t catch my breath.

Now, just as the coughing has eased a bit I end up with some kind of conjunctivitis in my left eye.

All I want is to feel human again. Is that too much to ask?

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