Can’t come up with anything!

With all of the sickness I’ve had I haven’t been able to do much writing. I have a few ideas jotted down but that’s the most I’ve accomplished.

Problem is, I have a story due for my Plot Development course and I’m completely drawing a blank.

Maybe it’s just too broad. The theme for this week is a literary story. That’s it, no other prompt. A literary piece that is simply something about real life, something that could happen.

I’ve started about 5 different stories but they just aren’t going anywhere. I have two previously written but 1. That’s kind of cheating and 2. They’re too long.

Even the ideas I have jotted down won’t work as they are all fantasy and horror…doesn’t fit the bill.

Wow, this is frustrating!

2 thoughts on “Can’t come up with anything!

  1. I am having the same trouble! Too wide a scope. I sat at my computer all morning and wrote nothing. Finally gave up and had a nap. I think I’m going to try choosing an exercise from a creative writing book I have.

    Missed you in class!


    1. Thanks Barbara! I am certainly now on the mend and I’ll certainly be in class this week. I finally came up with something, don’t know how good it is but it’s something written down.


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