And the good news continues…

I just received this email from Medium:

Hi there,

Our curators just read your story, Birdie, that you submitted for review. Based on its quality, they selected it to be recommended to readers interested in Fiction across our homepage, app, topic page, and emails.

This story will be distributed as part of Medium’s metered paywall, so feel free to share it with your fans using your Friend Link — this will ensure they don’t see the paywall. Your Friend Link is:–writer.postDistributed&sk=c8abeab4d0414b8e7febba00d9e68f26

You can also view stats for your story here. Thanks for writing,
Your friends at Medium

Medium’s editors read the submissions and choose some to promote. My story will appear in searches, is featured on the Fiction page and will be in email blasts!

I am on Cloud 9! Going out to buy a lottery ticket for tonight!!! 🙂

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