I AM a REAL Writer

I received my very first “paycheque” as a writer on Thursday!

As I had posted earlier, I have joined the online magazine Medium. I had posted one story on Sunday the 26th of May and Wednesday the 29th was their cutoff for calculating the payments. On Thursday, I received an email saying that they would be depositing $3.02 USD into my account!

I know, not much, but to me it’s the accomplishment, the validation that’s important. There were people that were interested in my story, there were people that read it and it was enough to generate income. To me that is HUGE!!!!

Who knows where this will go. I’ve already posted my second and my third story with a full month to go. Can’t wait for my email at the end of June!

4 thoughts on “I AM a REAL Writer

  1. Congratulations! If I was close, I would give you a big squeeze and a kiss.
    Print that $3.02 transaction and tape it on the wall where you can see it when yo write. I really want one of those, even if it only for .02.
    Steve Simpson


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