Yesterday was a weird one

I had a headache when I got home so I took a couple of Advil and lied down. I couldn’t sleep but wanted to rest anyway so I started building a story in my head. I had it completely written in my mind and I got up and went downstairs to write it in Word. First thing I did was check my email. I had a prompt for a contest I’ve entered at the Australian Writer’s Center for their Flash Fiction contest. They give you three points that must be in your story, a 500 word limit and 55 hours to get it in. I bet you can guess what happened! The story I had written in my head fit the requirements perfectly! I sat down, wrote it out and went over it at least 20 times for corrections to spelling, grammar and tweaks to the plot. Bottom line, within two hours of opening that email I had submitted my story for the July contest! Is that kismet or what?

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