Why do I always tear up?

I made a new submission today and as per usual I teared up when I received the confirmation email. I’m not sure why I do this but it’s happened every time.

Today’s was a submission to the NYC Midnight 11th annual Flash Fiction Contest. This one is a little different. There are thousands of competitors but what is really nice about this one is that for each round the judges will give you useful feedback on your story.

There are four rounds and everyone will compete in at least two. Your points earned will determine whether or not you advance.

You are given a genre, a place and an object and a maximum 1,000 words. Mine was fairy tale, a retirement home and a bale of hay.

I think I came up with a good, solid story but am now second guessing myself as to if it truly fits the genre.

Oh well. It’s out there. All I can do is wait for the feedback and learn.

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