Mother’s Day

Yes, it’s Mother’s Day. For me, having lost my own mother almost 26 years ago, it’s a day full of reflection and memories. My mother was my best friend and confidant. She was also someone I butted heads with like I’ve done with no other in my life. We were two sides of the same coin, hell, sometimes we fought over the same side and that’s when the fireworks would go off.

My mother was many things but the one thing I could always and forever count on was that she was on my side. I never doubted that, not once. It’s a feeling I’ve never found again since she’s been gone. Yes, I know, I have a wonderfully supportive husband and I’m not throwing shade at that. However, with Ma, I just knew that she’d sacrifice everything for me, and sometimes she did just that.

All these years later she is often in my dreams. She really comes through when I’m wrestling with something important…things that really only come through my subconscious. Often, the dreams are cryptic, but she never misses the mark. To this day I cherish and honour her wisdom, like so many did before me.

Mom, never doubt how much you’re missed. I hope you are having the time of your life in heaven. You are surrounded by friends and family. Too many have gone since your passing but it’s you I miss the most.

Take care, I will love you always.

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